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In my youth I watched my talented, gifted mom, Marsha, create BEAUTIFUL home decor. Her creations and designs were unique and sought after by friends and family. I want to carry on the Family Tradition that brought feelings of joy and happiness to many, as they enjoyed her artistic designs.
I design and hand make LIMITED EDITION Wreaths, Embellishments and seasonal home decor, for ALL holidays and special occasions. They are LIMITED EDITIONS and limited quantity. My hands and fingers can only work so fast. I do NOT mass produce in a manufacturing plant. Human hands assemble every piece of the final products. I work with natural products or re-purposed/reconditioned products. I believe in taking something that was beautiful once upon a time and bringing life back to it once again.
You will be proud to place my designs on your front door, in any room of your home, or anywhere your family and friends gather to celebrate holidays and special events. I pray you enjoy my designs and they will become part of your family traditions and memories for a life time!
Thank You for trusting me to provide your LIMITED EDITION home decor Wreaths, Embellishments, and seasonal home decor from Wreaths and Seasonal Decor by Staci.

Production Methods

Custom designed and handmade LIMITED EDITIONS by Staci. Personally Designed by Staci with one or more: deco mesh, burlap, ribbon, natural products, re-purposed products, re-conditioned products, LIMITED EDITION handmade Embellishments, all made for indoor, outdoor, front door, mantel, table embellishments, living room, dinning room, family room and general home decor.
All personally designed products are also handmade by Staci for all major holidays, seasons and special occasions.
As a result of being LIMITED EDITIONS, when they are gone, they are ALL GONE! Do NOT wait!

We Will Do CUSTOM Orders

Message Us or e-mail us to setup your CUSTOM ORDER.
Average Production Time for Custom Orders: 14 to 28 days
Custom Order Options: 
  • Size,
  • colors and
  • embellishments
This and other ideas, suggestions of the buyer, can be requested AND Final Design detail is fully reserved to the unilateral artistic decision of the Artisan, Wreaths by Staci.

Special order prices and shipping/handling fees:

Determined on an order by order basis and Must be paid in advance in full, prior to beginning design and/or production of a custom order with NO REFUNDS or RETURNS ON ANY CUSTOM ORDER and all custom orders shall only be agreed to via e-mail confirmation received from the Artisan to the buyer along with, full payment for the product and shipping/handling fees fully processed.